He is a great talent who is trained in-house by Jan Born, Mick Vogel and our other artists. Jan Born sees in him a true successor, calling him, therefore, his protégé. As a young boy he grew up in the tattoo world, he was already working at the age 12 at our biggest event of the Netherlands' the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention ". Here he was watching from early in the morning till late in the evening to learn from the great artists such More....

Freya - Tattoos & "Permanent Make Up"
Freya is an artist who has been working for us for a while. Freya is known for her tight lines and beautiful tattoos. Not surprisingly so as she is an experienced makeup artist and has a boyfriend who is also a tattoo artist. Freya has had a passion for tattoos for a while now and creating beautiful tattoos is what she likes best. Freya works in Purmerend a few days a week so if you want a female top artist to put a tattoo or if you want to put More....

If you say Tattoo, you think of Rinke. This former graffiti artist who is also trained in-house by Mick and Jan Born wants to do nothing else than tattooing. The words free and holidays are not part of his vocabulary, partly because of this mind-set, his graffiti experience, and spatial drawing view make Rinke an artist with great skills. Rinke is present a few days a week in Purmerend, so do you want your tattoo to be placed More....

is an artist with a good chat from Emmeloord who has been trained with us by Yoska, Jan Born and our other artists of Pure Ink. Joey has been working with us for many years and he has developed himself into an all-round artist who can make all styles from old skool color tattoos to realistic portets etc. etc. Joey is regularly present in Emmeloord and also in Purmerend, so if you want to get something done by him or design please call the relevant studio to ask when he is present and check Joey's work in the link Tattoo Gallery on this site.

is a guy who, which before he start to work with us, allready was busy for a while with making tattoos. However, this was not the quality we wanted, so he made the move and started working with us. When he start to work with our artists he learned from them the little tricks of the trade and he has grown into an all round tattoo artist with a good quality work. Ray works in Rotterdam, Purmerend and Emmeloord so if you like to take a tattoo from Ray, please telephone the relevant studio to make an appointment with him.

is a tattoo artist with a nice smooth chat, this tough girl started tattoo as a hobby but she was soon at work in the shop as floor manager. During this period as floor manager she was trained by our artists to become an all-round tattoo artist. Jessica likes challenges and new ideas so if you have something in your head that you would like to tattoo, then feel free to call the relevant studio to see when she has place for you. Are you curious about her work please view her tattoo photo gallery on this website.

is a nice spontaneous girl who has joined our team. She is crazy about tattoos and drawing and that she does in her work. She likes tight tattoos and likes to put and design mandalas, black and grey and color tattoos, but of course you can go to her for all styles. Melissa regularly works in Emmeloord and occasionally in Purmerend. View her work in the tattoo gallery on this site and / or call the relevant studio to make an appointment with her.

Tattoos by Timothy

Tattoos & "Permanent Make Up" van Freya

Tattoos by Rinke

Tattoos by Joey

Tattoos by Ray

Tattoos by Jessica

Tattoos by Melissa